BASIC 1 – 5

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1 Degree

– Siu Nim Tao 1 – 3

– Basic stance. IRAS. Left, right, crab step and forward step.

– Concept of the triangle. Relaxation of the shoulders.

– Forward step with one punch. 2 and 3. Triangle first body after.

– Lat sao. Getting the idea of the angles, shoulders and elbow. Bong and Tan gerk.

– Head lock defense.

– Applications with crossing punch. Left, right and pak sao punch.

– Applications with kicks and punch and kicks.

2 Degree

– Siu Nin Tao 4 – 8

– Continuacion of the Lat sao. Bong Gerk and Tan Gerk.

– Attack to the ribs. Cross and same side with Gan sao.

– Kick and cross and side atack to the ribs.

– Change Lat sao from right to left.

– Escape from common grabs.

– Attacks from right to left.

– Aplications

3 Degree

– Siu Nin Tao.

– Understanding of the Bong sao and back fist.

– Lat sao with Bong sao and back fist.

– Bong sao with back fist with the defense of punch, Wu sao absorbing with straight

attacks to the right, front, left and hook attack right, front and left.

– Pulling motion with the falling step. Punch with the falling step.

– Basic Dan Chi.

– Applications from the Lat sao and from Dan Chi.

 4 Degree

– Sin Nin Tao complete.

– Defense against outside hook.

– Straight attack. Front step with falling step following with man sao punch.

– Pushing shoulder with attack to the ribs.

– Learn to relax the shoulder and gan sao punch followed with tan sao punch and

continue the drill.

– Dan Chi moving and begining of Chi sao.

– Applications.

5 Degree

– Chum Kiu.

– Begining of Chi sao with double fook sao and double tan sao, punching and responding with  bong sao.

– Changing positions pressing the tan sao.

– Continuing changing positions to 2 hands in tan sao, one hand tan sao other fook sao.

– Atacks from the fook sao and from the Tan sao.

– Making different atacks from Tan sao, fook sao, bong sao to back fist.

– Begining of rolling, Poon sao.

– Aplications.


                                                             MIDDLE 6 – 8

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 6 Degree.

– Beginning of the first section.

– Pon sao with pulling attack with punch or palm strike, responding with jam sao or

punch, man sao and  inside pak sao punch.

– Bon sao and Wu sao in response to the attack and beginning of the bridge exercise.

– Bride exercises understanding the connections need it in our body for the angles,

for the punch and for the forward energy.

– Bong sao, Wu sao and punch exercises for understand the forward pression or

forward energy with steps and without.

– Same exercises in Lat sao and applications.

 7 Degree

– Continue with the first section.

– From Pon sao, inside Pak sao responding with Wu sao punch or with another

inside pak sao punch.

– From bridge training, inside Pak sao responding with Wu sao punch or with another

inside pak sao punch.

– From bridge training, wu sao punch over the bong sao responding with pak sao punch.

– From pon sao and from the bridge, concentrate in one point and all the time one arm

is punching using the bong, tan, wu sao, etc.

– From Pon sao and the bridge all together very clear and smooth.

– Aplications.

 8 Degree

– End of the first section.

– From the bridge, inside pak sao with or without step, responding with a punch that

turns to jam sao punch with the correct angle or responding with another internal pak

sao and the other respond with a punch that turns to jam sao  punch.

– From the bridge when man sao comes, control the hand, control de elbow and attack

to the ribs, defending with a punch or jam sao, attacking with a punch to the face and

responding with a jam sao punch coming to the circle training.

– From Jam sao punch responding with punch that turn to bong sao after the correct

angle, continuing with a circle training doing the same exercise.

– From pon sao, pak sao punch with or without step that turns to bong sao punch

doing the same circle exercise than from the bridge.

– Aplications


 ADVANCE 9 – 12

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 9 Degree

– Second section. From Lat sao and Chi sao.

– Arm, elbow, shoulders locks, breaking, throws and punching.

– Understanding the correct diagonal angles for doing them from Lat sao and from Chi sao

 10 Degree

–  Attacks outside the distance and controlling the attacks.

– Closing the distance.

– 2 reactions inside and 2 outside.

– Atacks in short distance.

– Kicks in long and short distance.

– Multiple opponents

11 Degree

– Chi Gerk. Sticky legs training.

– Combinations with Kicks and punchs at the same time.

 12 Degree

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– Siu Nin Tao and Chum Kiu without any mistakes.

– From 1 – 5  very clear what we want with this degrees and a perfect action in the


– First and second section very clear and using them in Chi sao and Lat so together

with the applications.

– In general, the understanding of the complete students levels and its applications

being able to mix them very clear and without any mistake.